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About Alan W. McIntyre
Attorney at Law

Vienna, Illinois
Mound City, Illinois

Alan W. McIntyre has been licensed in the practice of
law since 1993.  

Alan grew up in Bastrop, LA, and is a veteran of the
United States Army.  Alan graduated law school in
Jackson, Mississippi in 1993.  He was the public
defender in Union Parish, Louisiana for one year, then
established a private practice in Farmerville, Louisiana
in 1994.  There he operated a civil practice, where he
primarily practiced family law, estate planning, probate
and real estate law.  He then moved to Vienna, Illinois in
1996, when he became the Johnson County First
Assistant State's Attorney.

As Assistant State's Attorney, Alan prosecuted a
multitude of criminal defendants, charged with both
violent and non-violent offenses.  He  prosecuted cases
involving Murder, Reckless Homicide, Sexual Assault,
Burglary, Forgery, Assault, D.U.I., Juvenile,
Conservation, and Traffic.  He has participated in over
forty (40) jury trials, and hundreds of bench trials.

Alan left the State's Attorney's Office in 2004 when he
became the City Attorney of the controversial river town
of Cairo, Illinois.  He exclusively practiced municipal law
in Cairo for a period of over one year.  Alan left the City of
Cairo when the mayor was charged in what was
apparently a politically motivated criminal prosecution by
the Illinois Attorney General.  Alan resigned as City
Attorney so he could represent the mayor in the criminal
case, and the case was successfully dismissed at a
lengthy and contested preliminary hearing.

Alan established a private practice of law in Vienna,
Illinois when he left Cairo.  In 2006, Alan returned to
serve for an additional six months as City Attorney of
Cairo when his successor suddenly passed away.  He
practices with a flair in all areas of law in the Southern
Illinois region, and is a firmly established attorney with
his main office in Vienna.  Alan has served as city
attorney to the municipalities of Cairo, Vienna, Cypress
and Buncombe.  He was appointed Johnson County
Public Defender in April, 2006 and continues to serve in
that position.  Alan is married to his wife of twenty-five
(25) years, and is the father of two boys.

In July, 2008, Alan established a corporation, and
acquired the assets of the landmark Johnson County
Abstract Company.  The title company has been in
business since 1897.  Johnson County Abstract
Company has been providing title services for over 100
years, and Alan is proud to continue the long-standing
traditions established in the late 19th century.  He is a
member attorney and agent of Attorneys' Title Guaranty
Fund, and conducts all types of real estate transactions.

The records of Johnson County Abstract Company have
been established by the Johnson County Recorder as
the backup files for the official county records.

In November, 2015, Alan established another title
company and acquired the assets of the landmark
Pulaski County Abstract Company, which has been in
business for fifty years.  Alan opened a branch legal
office in Mound City, Illinois, and from there continues to
serve the people of Pulaski, Alexander and Union
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